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Agonyapp is a social yet discrete way for you to ask relationship questions, offer advice and get real answers from real people on everything that matters to you.

Whether you need relationship advice, health and beauty tips, support through a tough time or just a therapeutic rant, Agonyapp is just a few taps away. Start or join the conversation as yourself or your alter-ego across a range of areas including: Relationships, Family, Friends, Sex, Marriage, Health & Beauty, LGBT, Teen, Parenting, Life.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy!

  • “Finally, a way to ask the questions I wouldn't ask on Facebook”

  • “I love it - so useful, so fun, and really easy to use xx”

  • “It's the best way to let off some steam without having all of your friends know your business”

  • “Wow 'agony aunt' finally made it to the 21st century!”

  • “Amazing app for women - think its going to be big”

  • “This app is so simple it's genius! You can ask just about anything and get some independent, thoughtful and useful advice - Big hit!”

  • “It's so refreshing to have a social network where people are open, honest and helpful! Love it xx”

  • “Wow very nice community answered all my personal intimate questions”

  • “Seems like a great way to just help people out! :) Great to see that we're not alone with our problems.”

  • “Incredibly useful. Lots of fun and addictive!”

  • “Great app. Amazingly useful. Allows me to get great advise on topics I might not have been able to share with family or friends”

  • “Everyone is getting involved, helping and much of the advice is fantastic”

  • “Awesome! Great app! I'm loving it :)”

Explore your personal feed

Follow people, topics and agonies and view all the best content through your personal feed

Start and join conversations

Share your agonies, comments, photos and more socially yet discretely, and receive responses from the rest of the Agonyapp user community
You can also vote on the best (and worst!) comments, meaning you always see the most relevant and helpful (or entertaining) content

Join as yourself or anonymously

Join Agonyapp in full catwalk view or let your alter-ego loose - you’re in control. Whatever you decide you’ll receive 'Auntie Points' for your participation

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